Robert E. Sylar- Chairman


Robert Sylar serves as the Chairman of BlueRiver Energy and is the leading representitive and spokesman for the company. Prior to his work with BlueRiver, Mr. Sylar founded DrillTech, Inc. in 1981, offering drill site, completions and project operations management and consulting services to oil and gas operators throughout the Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent areas. In 2011, Mr. Sylar formed DTC Energy Group, headquartered in Denver, CO, which has since become one of the leading independant oilfield service groups in the United States.


Mr. Sylar has extensive experience supervising and leading innovations in the complex drilling and multi-stage completion operations that have become the norm in deep horizontal oil and gas exploration and production. Robert is a graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss., with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

Thomas Rigby- Managing Director


Thomas Rigby serves as the managing director and is responsible for ensuring steady growth and development of the company. Mr. Rigby has been involved in the oil and gas industry since 2007 where he began in the downstream sector with Shell. Since 2014, Thomas has been working alongside Robert Sylar to create an international market for US technology and develop new unconventional projects in China and Europe.


Mr. Rigby graduated from the University of Plymouth with a BSc in Environmental Science and has since started working with Exeter Univeristy/The Camborne School of Mines on their world class Professionals in Mining postgraduate program.

Management Team


BlueRiver Energy, UK registered PLC

Registration number 09574646