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Oilfield consultants are individuals experienced in oil and gas field operations who are contracted to supervise activities and personnel on location for an operating company. This work includes drilling, completion and production operations as well as safety supervision and site construction.


Oilfield consultants generally work in locations where there is activity in drilling and completing oil and gas wells. BlueRiver can provide highly skilled consultants with years of experience to almost any location.


There are several key benefits to operators hiring oilfield consultants through oilfield consulting firms, rather than employing their own.


Oilfield consulting firms provide an immediate solution for filling a need for talent on a project-by-project basis. Through a consulting firm such as BlueRiver, operators are able to tap into a large pool of highly talented and experienced consultants who are readily available from start to finish of any given project. Once the project has concluded, a consulting firm provides a smooth transition for releasing talent until their services are again needed.

What are Oilfield Consultants?

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